The rhythm section is a powerhouse, pushing the track along like a freight train. It acts as the perfect body for Draycott’s impressive vocals and brilliant melodies to take front and center stage. The guitar work is stunning, with gorgeous clean and distorted ones throughout.” - Ciaran Coleman

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"Anthemic, powerful and emotional at times, the EP has all the features of the pop punk/emo sound of the 2000's, it feels nostalgic but a modern edge keeps it away from just being a replica. All the tracks on the EP have a common theme, that theme being, BIG SOUND! The tracks all build throughout and lead to epic choruses. It's a brilliant EP".” - Ashley Simpson

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Completely independent self-produced, multi award nominee, Danny Draycott is a songwriter and solo artist who is looking to freshen up the music scene with anthemic, up-beat tracks. He blends Alternative Rock, Indie with a touch of Pop Punk that fuses together to create his big, unique sound without pinning his sound into any one specific genre. Everything from writing the songs, to producing them, creating artwork and the release is all taken care of by Danny. 

Danny featured on BBC Introducing in 2021 after the release of his single, Ghosts. Ghosts then went on to claim airtime in the UK, France, USA, Canada and Australia. Danny has gone from strength to strength since then with a Song of the Year award nomination on Crags Radio where he teamed up with and produced the track Sitting On A Wall with fellow songwriter Danny Apple. Danny released his EP After All This Time in the summer of 2022 and has been nominated as the Best Alternative Rock Act in 2022 on Radio Wigwam.

His single, Here I Am Tonight, released at the back end of 2022 saw Danny resume his journey with his brand new, explosive EP, Prepare For The Ride released in August 2023. In just 3 short months, the title track Prepare For The ride is now the most played song on his Spotify which is a testament to his growth not only as a songwriter but a producer as well. It's understandable why there is a growing excitement around Danny and his music.

Hitting venues and smashing shows as a solo artists, backed by his big sounding tracks, Danny is taking the scene by storm. 

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